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Emergency REPAIR

Don't let a simple repair ruin your plans. Give us a call and eliminate the need to pay for a costly tow to your local mechanic shop. 

Dead Battery

We carry diagnostic tools to figure out if you need a new battery or if you can get to where you need to go with a jumpstart. If your battery is unrevivable and it occurs during business hours of a local parts store we can pickup, deliver and install the battery on site.

Flat Tire

If you have a spare tire, we can install it. Don't have a spare tire? We can remove any debris causing the puncture and plug it. The picture supplied is the safe plug zone. If the puncture is located within the green section it is safe to plug. If the puncture is located in the red sections it is unsafe to plug and is unrepairable. 

Body Damages

This includes any body panels, debris or objects caught on the vehicle inhibiting you from driving. We remove the object and ensure you can drive safely without any excess damage. 

Roadside Repair

We are mobile mechanics so we work with the environment we're dealt with. The only time we'll decline an emergency repair is if we don't have the necessary equipment to safely service the vehicle or there are hazardous weather conditions. 

tire repair safe zone_edited.png
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