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Labor: $110/hour
We are proud to say that with our level of expertise, our prices can't be beat. We use the same programs dealerships use to acquire labor hours to ensure the customer is charged appropriately. For performance/custom jobs or imported vehicles we compare our actual labor time with the labor times of a similar vehicle and adjust as needed. 

Diagnosis: Flat fee of $110
A fixed price which covers the cost of our time and expertise in diagnosing the issue. The diagnostic fee also covers any special equipment used to identify the source of the problem. This is a vital step of getting your vehicle running properly.

Warranty: Free with Stipulations
A free warranty is included with our services.  If you get a diagnosis from another mechanic or think you know what is wrong with the vehicle it is not guaranteed that it will fix the problem, therefore we cannot provide a warranty. We use specific diagnosis procedures to ensure the correct repair. 

Out of Range: $2/per mile outside of 15 mile radius. 
This fee covers gas and tolls on the way to your location. 
Ex: Distance: 20 miles Charge: $10


Shop Fee: Based on job
A low cost fee that covers any lubricants, degreasers, shop towels or use of personal hardware. 

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